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Thank you all for coming down to Bike Rally 2016! The Bike Rally Organising Committee deeply appreciates the support from all of you and we hope you guys had a great ride! The Bike Rally 2016 Organising Committee from NTU Sports Club wants to extend our gratitude to everyone who made the event possible - from the safety cyclists to the volunteers, and of course all participants!


Bike Rally Orgainising Committee will continue to make improvements and bring Bike Rally to greater heights! See you at Bike Rally 2017!


Wheel you ride with us again?



Thank you all for coming down to Shimano yesterday to collect your racepacks!


Do check that you have received the right race bibs.

For those that rented a bike with us, your bib will start with the letter R.

For those that are using your personal bikes, your bib will start with the letter P.

Also, do check that you have been issued the right distance tag of 98km or 168km.


If you have not collected your racepack, this is the last chance that you can do so.


The details for collection is as follows:

Dates: 1st and 2nd March 2016, 4-8pm

Venue: Nanyang Technological University (NTU), @ 76 Nanyang Dr, Singapore 637331. (At LT1A, opposite McDonald's and Subway).


We wish to emphasise that if you do not have your racepack, you will NOT be allowed to participate in Bike Rally.



Due to an unfortunate delay with our jersey supplier, we regret to inform everyone that Bike Rally 2016's jerseys will not be able to reach Shimao Cycling World tomorrow on 27 February, the day of racepack collection.


However, we have arranged for the jerseys to be delivered personally to your doorsteps. Your jersey is scheduled to reach you by either 3rd, 4th or 5th March. The local delivery service that has been engaged is TA-Q-BIN, which is believed to provide you with the best service and they will arrange for a time of delivery of your preference. You can refer to TA-Q-BIN's website for more information: https://www.yamatosingapore.com/courier/ta-q-bin/


Tomorrow at Shimano, we will require you to:

1. Collect the rest of the racepack items

2. Check that the home address that you have given us is accurate.

3. Provide your preferred time zone/date for your delivery: (AM, noon-5pm, 5-8pm).

In the event that you are not at home, the delivery man will leave a note at your doorstep and you can call for a redelivery to your home. It will be free of charge within 7 days.


Also, a gentle reminder to bring along your NRIC and confirmation email for the racepack.


Do note that SINGLET and JERSEY are two separate items.


Once again, we sincerely apologise for the delay with the jersey and also for this last minute notice. We seek your understanding and cooperation.



Happy Chinese New Year to all!


This is a gentle reminder for you to check your emails regarding your allocated time slot for Racepack Collection on the 27th February. You can contact us in the event that you did not receive the emails.


It will be held at Shimano Cycling World located at 6 Stadium Walk, #01-02, Singapore 397698 (Right next to the Singapore Sports Museum and Sports Hub Visitor Centre).


Please remember to bring along your NRIC and confirmation email for collection (hard or soft copy). In the event that you’re unable to make it, please arrange for a representative to collect it for you on your behalf. He or she is to produce a signed Letter of Authorisation (as attached in our email).

Alternatively the Letter of Authorisation can be obtained here.



We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all our Safety Cyclists and Safety Outriders who came down yesterday to help us facilitate Bike Rally 2016's dry run! Also, thank you for all the feedback and suggestions, we will definitely consider them and make the necessary improvements for our event come 6th March.


Although we did not manage to take photos of all the Safety Cyclists that were present, the Committee is very grateful that all of you dedicated your entire Sunday in helping to ensure that the dry run went smoothly.


We look forward to seeing everyone again on event day!



For participants who are keen on ordering one of our Bike Rally 2016 jerseys but didn't manage to order one, fret not! You can still contact us now till 7th January to make your orders.



Slots for both 98km and 168km Public have been taken up. We apologise to those who are unable to register with us this year. Please look forward to Bike Rally 2017 instead! Thank you very much for your support!



Our Organising Committee will be in town today from noon onwards to publicise Bike Rally, upon opening registration. Come on down and meet us to take some photos, clarify doubts, or even for a quick chat. We'd love to see everyone!



For safety reasons resulting from overcrowding of participants and the distribution of manpower and logistics, we seek your understanding to remain on the routes that you have signed up for during the rally. The Bike Rally committee reserves the right to disqualify participants that are found not at their designated routes. The issued bibs and bike tags to be used throughout the rally by participants for 168km and 98km can easily be differentiated.

We seek your understanding and cooperation in ensuring a safe and pleasant experience during Bike Rally 2016!


Also a reminder to catch our 2nd wave of registration which will commence tomorrow! (Sunday, 3rd January, 12 noon) This is your last chance to sign up for our event! So hurry! While slots last.



We will be opening up more slots for 168km and 98km (Public and Alumni) on Sunday, 3rd January, 12 noon!



The first wave of registration for 98km Public and Alumni, as well as 168km Public and Alumni is currently full.


Thank you all for your unwavering support for Bike Rally.


For those who are still keen on participating in our event, more slots will be released next week! Do keep a look out on our Facebook page for more details regarding the release date and time!



Registration for Bike Rally 2016 is now opened!


**Do ensure that you fill up the correct registration form

For 168km: https://regonline.activeglobal.com/bikerally2016-168km

For 98km: https://regonline.activeglobal.com/bikerally2016-98km

For our Casio bundle (98km and 168km):


While slots lasts!



Please be reminded that registration for 98km as well as 168km will be opened tomorrow, 27th Dec at 12pm. Stay tuned for the registration links on our Facebook page as well as our website. Fastest fingers first!



We will be opening registration for Bike Rally 2016 on 27th December 2015 at 12pm. The jersey design will also be released later this week. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and Website for the registration link!

Wheel you ride with me?



The organising committee tried out the 168km route last Sunday. Despite the erratic weather, the crew definitely had lots of fun!

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