An event proudly established by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Sports Club since 2005, Bike Rally offers a fantastic avenue for cyclists of all backgrounds to come together with a shared love for cycling in this non-competitive event.


Bike Rally always promises to create specially-crafted routes for cyclists to explore the roads of Singapore and admire many iconic landmarks like never before. Bike Rally allows cyclists to stretch their limits through a meaningful and memorable cycling experience, while pursuing a healthy lifestyle.


Wheel You Ride with Us?

13th Organising Committee


TOP [L-R] Valerie Ker (Registration Officer), Felicia Low (Registration Officer),  Nancy Tan (Publicity Officer), Anabel Tan (Publicity Officer), Ferlicia Leow (Publicity Officer), Jason Kok (Treasurer), Donavon Ng (Secretary), Foong Hui Min (Business Manager),  Alexis Liu (Business Manager)


BOTTOM [L-R] Kwa Xin An (Event Controller), Jiang Jun Xian (Event Controller), Zachery Lim (Event Controller), Jean Ong (Co-Chairperson), Ng Xuan Fei (Co-Chairperson), Ng Ao Shi (Chairperson), Ivan Ng (Senior Co-Chairperson), Ong Sze Yin (Co-Chairperson), Tiah Nee Yen (Logistics Officer), Ng Han Inn (Logistics Officer), Gabriel Lim (Logistics Officer)





Established in 1991 and currently led by its 26th Management Committee for the Academic Year 2016/2017, NTU Sports Club aims to promote an array of sport activities both in NTU and to the public, as well as to establish a harmonious working relationship with the 21 sub-clubs under their wing.


‚ÄčTo keep in line with these objectives, NTU Sports Club organises annual school events such as Sports Challenge, Sports Expos√© and Sports Unlimited.


Not forgetting the 3 national events that we also have a hand in planning, namely Surf N Sweat, Bike Rally and National Vertical Marathon. These events serve as a platform to raise our profile in NTU and the local community. With our fun loving and aspiring members, we hope to bring our events to greater heights each year.


We also have our very own publication, HERE! magazine, encompassing interesting articles about sporting events, various types of sports, travel and lifestyle.



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